Neuroscience and FasterEFT

Thanks Grace. I will look into it. I will consider buying the Ultimate Training set.

By the way, I am doing tapping and a lot of NLP/life coaching stuff in my Life Empowerment class that I offer every week. Robert’s system is very NLPish, and I love it.

I am a Neuroscientist by day as I am a professor at a small college and do research on how information is processed in the brain. Robert’s ideas fit with a lot of the recent research in Neuroscience.

Please feel free to share what I say with anyone (especially Robert). There is actually Neuroscience research, which is fairly new, that supports his notion of “changing the memory”. And other Neuro evidence supporting his other concepts, and some of the NLP claims.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to use tapping with clients until I figured out the mechanism behind it. It was the Scientist in me that held me back. As I realized the connection between Robert’s explanations of tapping and Neuroscience mechanisms, I became free to use it. Now I use it with other NLP techniques and am able to help a lot of people.

Edward Schicatano

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