Create More Humor

It may be time to start working on the book again if I take a new approach. Just remember it’s a trance, not real, just my old stuff that I’m going to share with others to help them let go of their old stuff. Plus, I want to make the process more fun by alternating between working on the book and spending as much time finding ways to be happy, silly, play and have fun. Alternating between the two will be a natural trance breaker and pullout from the negative into the positive. I need to make it fun, practice more humor, not just in my sessions but also in my life. I used to depend on others to provide humor, whoever I lived, worked or was in relationship with. Now I get it from comedy videos, but that’s just an hour of the day. I need to weave it through my day, laughing, playing, and attracting more fun people into my life.

What makes you laugh?

What do you do for fun to play and be silly?

Please help me out and post your ideas in the comments below.

Thank You! G:-)

One thought on “Create More Humor

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  1. Hi Grace,
    I love you and I still miss Linda!
    There is power in a smile and there’s power in laughter…
    Here’s an intro to the process that is portable, effective, and free.

    Laugh and tap  double the goodness 

    Teresa M.
    Stage 2B IDC and bilateral mastectomies 2007


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