Emotional Edge

After my blog post last night I feel a sense of completion. Now I can post when and what I want and edit it however I need without mention of Morning Pages. Just put it up without working on it more than half an hour. Keep it simple. Who knows if anyone will even read it. I feel like I’m hiding my personal thoughts in plain sight, where no one will think to look. If someone wants to act like they really know me, they can follow my blog and use it as their resource, as if they are my best friend. Haha! Maybe I am their best friend. Sometimes being there for someone means not being there.

I wore driving glasses driving, I wear my computer glasses at work, I wear my TV glasses when I watch comedy, but I still have not worn my regular everyday glasses since I put them away December 28. I am not wearing them now. I use the 300% view to see from the couch to the coffee table. I like the way I feel without glasses. When I was in the meeting I didn’t like the way my eyes strained to focus through the lenses so I took them off. It didn’t bother me not to see every clear detail of expression, clothing, hair or makeup. It’s less distracting and I focus more on what the meeting is about.

Since others healed their vision while wearing glasses, I don’t have to keep my glasses off in order to heal my vision. The emotional edge of depression I felt may have been triggered by my unclear vision. Maybe my unconscious referenced feelings I had before I got glasses in second grade. I didn’t realize my vision was changing. The year before I began to see Grandmother dying and felt put upon to feed her but felt guilty when I would rather go outside and play. Maybe the fact that I am daily not seeing clearly causes my unconscious to pull up those emotions to help me heal.

© B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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