My Internal Dialogue Creates My Life

Friday was wonderful and full of proof for how my outer world shifts when I change my internal dialogue and perspective. It can be as simple as changing clothes or looking through different glasses. When I change what I hold from lifelong patterns of belief and behavior and how I represent my world, everything and everyone in my world seems to change. It was still the same room, same situation, same people, the only thing that changed is what I was do inside myself. When I arrived two people asked if they could catch a ride with me to Friends Club in the evening. People came up to ask me for photos, Deirdre asked to talk to me, then invited me to Ireland to stay in her house. Another person asked me to do sessions and more people want to talk to me. While we talked someone asked I if we would tap on him since his tapping partners left. That was fun and I got borrowed benefits of feeling connected to Linda Esser. When I observed one tapping on the other, again I got borrowed benefits in a metaphor about publishing my book. Very cool!

I almost got up to do the Quick Tap skit. I had to tap on the fear of doing it. When I finally decided on what to do and took action, we couldn’t find the musical intro, so I let it go. Maybe I will prepare it for the next time. The important part was my willingness to participate, put myself out there, have fun and be silly.

When it was time to pack up all the products there were plenty of other helpers so I gave directions to the restaurant and club. Robert had forgotten to announce that people could take his charts and he said the trance monkey is still here. I said I want it. As he walked away after signing it, he invited me to come visit after they move into the new house. Sweet! I knew the charts would only be thrown away, so I gathered the entire set from this training.

At Friends Club I watched the newbies taking pix with others and it didn’t matter if they wanted me included or not. Out of the blue, someone said to me they understand the pattern of the pioneers who lay the groundwork and don’t get the recognition they deserve. They build a solid foundation then the newcomers arrive, build it big and get the glory. I said I am totally okay and I’ve made peace with it. I know that my part and position in this community is solid. The proof is on my YouTube channel with the dates of my first posted videos. Also on FaceBook there is my photo with Linda and Robert when he certified us as the first Masters in 2010. Some newcomers have seen my videos, but it doesn’t matter if they know the role I have played. I know and no one can take it away.

It was cool to see three women healing from Fibromyalgia dancing freely and having so much fun. One thought she would never dance again. One danced a bit in class last October, but this was the first time she really let it rip on a dance floor. It was great fun to watch. Friends Club was the place I danced for the first time again in 2010. Now I let it rip more every time I go. I kept dancing and dancing and many waited for me to finish so they would be sure to tell me goodbye before they left. Sweet!

I have asked myself again what do I want to do? What will make me happy? The first response is to go home and sit some more. I guess I’m not quite done sitting with myself, and that’s okay. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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