I’ve Changed! The Journey Continues…

Thanks for finding me here. The OptionsToLiveWell.com website was deleted on November 21, 2018. I migrated only my blog posts to this free WordPress site. I guess I’m going to the trouble of fixing links and images, because I might start blogging again.

I plan to leave prior post text as is, although you might check the comments, since I may give updates for particularly important issues. Even though beliefs and practices change as we learn and grow, at the time I spoke my truth. I read in the introduction of one of Gandhi’s books that his words might sometimes seem contradictory, in that case the reader should always consider the most recent writing to be accurate. I suggest the same.

It’s an interesting process, a review of my life experiences since my first post in 2008. Like the dragonfly nymph, I seem to have a two–year pattern and I feel like I’m beginning to emerge again.

I used to feel judged for trying different experiences and healing modalities. I stopped judging myself. There is nothing wrong with being a rebel or trying new “Fads.” There are so many options in life, I can freely sample different beliefs and practices instead of staying stuck in only one for an entire lifetime. Open-mindedness creates myriad wonders.

© Copyright 2018 B. Grace Jones All Rights Reserved

“Good company in a journey

makes the way seem shorter.”

— Izaak Walton

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