Sitting With Myself

I sat with Maple Mocha before I could come to the page. I’m not sure where I am. On Friday my massage therapist said my energy was floating with no clue what to work on until she got to the arch of my right foot. That has been getting my attention lately. I guess I have been floating in a non-descript space, just allowing myself to be where I am in any given moment. I hit the low spots with tapping, but mainly just accept myself right where I am. It will pass and it’s okay to take a break. I rearranged my plans and floated through the day with ease even though I am in a mood I don’t have a name to describe. It’s like peace and tranquility with a tiny edge of somber loneliness or melancholy.

Sitting with the house is really about sitting with myself. There are so many wonderful changes and still so much work to do. The house is the outer reflection of my inner world. I may sort this weekend and I may not. I’m just letting myself be okay with wherever I am, or feel like doing or not doing.

I was with a group of people before, during and after the concert. I noticed I withheld comments because it would feel like being at work. I noticed other’s comments arise from their belief systems without needing or wanting to explain how different my beliefs are now. Retirement, age and health were the main topics. Certainly I have changed a lot of beliefs around all three issues, but I didn’t need to debate or explain. I don’t need to identify with a mental position. I can just be with others where they are, the same way I am being with myself the way I am. We are all perfect creators and if they want to know what I think they can ask.

When someone told the woman sitting next to me that I do EFT tapping I noticed resistance and felt obligated as I explained it is FasterEFT, a similar but different internal process and belief system. I didn’t want to talk about it, I’m off duty at a concert to have fun and not talk about work.

I stopped writing and relaxed into the couch to watch the wind blow and listen to the wind chimes on the patio. They have been playing a lot the past week. I could sit here a long time and do nothing. I am finding a balance from the rocket-speed pace I kept last year. — © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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