Take A Break

I think reading old journals last Monday was too much subliminal stirring of my unconscious the day before the workweek. Maybe I can just edit on Monday, but there is still potential for triggers. It’s an interesting balance when my work is integrated with personal growth.

Not Ready For Prime Time

I don’t want to get bogged down reading old journals. It seemed to set me on an indefinable emotional edge yesterday. Even though I tapped through whatever came up, maybe the reading stirs up stuff that stays subliminal. I had feelings through the day that seemed to come up for no reason. I just tapped on what I felt even though I didn’t know why or what the trigger was.

Mining For Gold Nuggets

...we are emotionally conditioned to automatically feel certain ways about everything in this world. We think it is real, we think this mind/body is who we are, but it is not. It’s only a temporary journey on this planet and then we will be off to other worlds of experience.

I see clarity in my holistic Being.

I am not responsible for what anyone else feels, thinks or does. I don’t have that kind of power. I am here to BE Grace, share my experience, strength and hope holistically with the world. I can no longer keep my light under a shroud of silent darkness.

Keep My Own Counsel

I talked about Alaska in a dreamy, romantic tone of voice as if I was absolutely head-over-heals in love with a man. Well the truth is, I do love Alaska as much as any person.

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