Emotional Eclipse

Before I watched I am on Sunday, I felt alone, isolated, somber, stuck and depressed. That plus the movie and my Morning Pages on Monday were all part of the set-up for the huge trigger and tapping time out for the afternoon. Days later I realized how it was like an Emotional Eclipse. It erased my memory of what I had written that morning and my intention to edit for a blog post. It’s interesting how the mind doesn’t work when the emotions turn it to mush. Days later it took lots of drafts before I could post it on my blog. I was in an entirely different state last night before I watched I Am again to check for specifics. I felt emotionally flat and uninspired. What I got out of I Am the second time was very different because I was different.

During my massage I shared my Emotional Eclipse Monday and some of the conversation that followed. We talked about filters and perceptions and what a challenge communication is. My attempts to communicate with my hair stylist are perfect examples. The first visit I said, “I like it the length it is now, just need it cleaned up and shaped better.” He cut it shorter. The second visit I tried again, “I like it just the length it is now, I don’t want it shorter, just cleaned up and shaped.” He cut it shorter. The third visit I got color but no cut. I explained, “I liked it the length it was but you kept cutting it shorter.” He said, “That’s probably always going to happen.” The fourth time I said, “I don’t want color because it’s not important now. I don’t know what to do about the cut because I’ve decided to grow it out, but there are some places that need help.” He said, “So you want it the length it is now, but just cleaned up and reshaped.” Yes! I finally figured out how to change my words to fit his filters and perceptions and get what I want.

Near the end of my massage I still felt discomfort in my chest. I told her the trigger on Thursday started with pulling below my sternum, then spread out into the chest muscles around it. She had me take three deep breaths, each time gently pushing her fingers deeper into the space below my sternum and the third time she quickly pulled out. She massaged the muscles around my sternum and then raked some emotional energy away from my body. She explained that area of the body is the seat of the emotions. I told her what the movie I Am taught me about the heart. That whole area is the seat of the soul and where the majority of the signals to the brain originate. I got off the table with complete relief in that area of my being. Nice! — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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