Two Remarkable Surprises

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is a remarkable surprise. I have an hour of reflexology and an hour of JSJ. During the hour process of JSJ we don’t talk, there is no music, just lovely silence. Afterward I feel like I’ve had a full body massage. The only massage done was on my feet, nowhere else.

After a light supper I sit at my MacBook in the dining room and fully notice the sensations in my body. It’s almost indescribable, since I’ve never felt quite like it before. It is a sense of every cell in my body having equal energy movement. I feel inwardly balanced, integrated and harmonious. I am aware of every part of my body equally and simultaneously. Nothing demands my attention more than anything else. Everything is in unison of flowing and relaxing.

I am so relaxed I just want to go to sleep but I have Skype to Japan. I rest ten minutes and am completely normal and present for the Skype call. We keep it short since they have project time soon. The kids want to jump rope outside. It is great fun to watch. After we say goodbye I feel sensations like tiredness, but it’s not the same. I look at how many video clips I have and need to sort them while it is fresh in mind.

I watch a YouTube clip of Biology of Belief that is Bruce Lipton’s voice with illustrative images. I learn something new when he describes how some cells after creating a caterpillar commit suicide because they have done their work and fear they aren’t needed. They can’t see the vision that the other cells do of how to produce the butterfly. That afternoon I saw a timely newspaper headline that the suicide rate in Kansas has increased 53% in 12 years. It underlines the cellular metaphor Lipton placed over our society.

I answer a quick email from a client and then get ready for bed. I guess the sensations are really that of relaxation and not being tired, but it is hard to discern between them. I feel similar sensations after a full night of good sleep, but I am not tired. It’s a sense of complete whole body relaxation. It’s different than any massage and I have no aches because I tapped on them.

After the Jin Shin Jyutsu session I am more convinced that with the core group of energy workers right here in Emporia, we can create something really wonderful. People will travel great distances to receive healing skills and experiences in the wonderful space of the Flint Hills. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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